2014 Pro Truck Rules

Crystal Motor Speedway 2014 Pro Truck Rules

An operational 2 ½ pound minimum fire extinguisher with gauge visible for inspection purpose is mandatory in each racecar and tow vehicle. Extinguisher must be mounted in a quick release bracket. DUCT TAPE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE DEVICE. (1)

Driver must wear approved: Snell-rated, SA2005 or SFI31.1/2005 racing helmet, fire suit, unaltered neck restraint, Nomex gloves and shoes. (3)

Vehicle must be equipped with a complete roll cage with HALO BAR, a five (5) point seat belt fastened to the roll cage, window net (bolted on the bottom with a good safe fastener on the top), (2) and a removable steering wheel. ALL SUBJECT TO INSPECTION.

· Drivers head with helmet on must not rise above the roll bars (3)
· Drivers must have and wear a head sock or helmet skirt (3)
· Mandatory: 1/8 inch steel or ¼ inch aluminum plate must be used for drivers floor (3)

All trucks must have an aluminum racing seat and be fastened to the roll cage. Cable or tie straps must hook gas caps to fuel cell. (3)

A sharp appearance attracts attention for all of us. Future sponsors will look at the outside appearance of a truck before he looks at the inner workings. Fans cheer for the good looking trucks. Keep body appearance up by replacing parts and new paint job whenever possible.

Any 1965 or newer truck is permitted in this class. No station wagons or four-wheel drives. Track official will decide what is appropriate in this class. Door number must be a minimum 4” stroke, with 18” height in contrasting color. Roof numbers mandatory, 4”x 20” solid numbers pointed to passenger side of truck. NO REFLECTIVE numbers or you may not be scored!!!

May be located anywhere outside the driver’s compartment. It must arrive at the track fully charged, and must be securely mounted and covered. (3)

Truck must start under own power in the staging area, OR REPORT TO THE REAR OF THE EVENT. (1)

Any 1965 or newer American made rear wheel drive truck is permitted in this class. No SUV’s, four-wheel drives, extended cab, or step sides. All structural tubing must remain inside body. All trucks must have complete bodies, hoods, and fenders. Must be in top quality condition. All trucks must have cover on rear, where tailgate was, side to side bumper to bed cover. Must have full bed cover. Rear must be solid, may have up to 6” filler door. Stock steel roof will be allowed on stock steel-bodied trucks. Slab side trucks may have at least 25 lbs. added per side in front of bell housing. Must conform to attached Pro Truck Drawings.


Interior of truck must be 13 ½” below all areas of the roof and roll cage minimum, from front window to behind driver’s seat. No area of the interior of cockpit can be less then 13 ½” below roof and roll cage for safety. Easy exiting of truck from either side. Windows must have 13 ½” clearance straight up and down. (1)

No support bars blocking right side exit from cockpit allowed. (3)


A. Wheel base 108” minimum (3)
B. Center of front hub to rear of tailgate 75” maximum (1)
C. Rear of cab to rear of tailgate 72”- 77” min./max. (1)
D. Frame height/sheet metal height 4 ½ minimum (1)
E. Roof Height –no tolerance 55 ½ minimum (1)
F. Top of tailgate to ground 37”min- 39” maximum (1)
G. F & R Bumper height from ground to center 18” plus or minus 2” (1)
Must include 8” min. bumper cover (if used)
H. Spoiler height 8” maximum (1)
I. Spoiler, deck & hood width-no lateral on spoiler 68” maximum top (1)
J. Front air dam ground clearance 4 ½” minimum (1)
K. Top of hood to ground 35” minimum (1)
L. Body width 72” maximum middle (1)

After market bodies are allowed.

Spoilers: see illustration.

Body must cover at least ½ of the tire.

No side windows or air deflectors allowed.

Driver must be able to exit from both sides of truck with helmet on.

Stock NOSE PIECES ONLY. NO altering of STOCK nose piece allowed.

Tire must be visible from front of truck.

Minimum roof height- 55 ½” , maximum deck height – 39” minimum- 37”


Stock four-wheel hydraulic brakes All in working condition. Neal type brake assembly permitted. No shut-off or pressure sensitive devices. (3)

One front to rear proportioning device allowed. (3)

ONLY 1 Holly #4412--2 bbl (500 not 750) carburetor will be allowed. Absolutely no alterations or modifications to carburetor, except for removal of choke plate. Choke horn cannot be removed. Altered carburetors will be CONFISCATED! No transverse mount carburetors allowed. Carburetor must be mounted in conventional manner with float bowl facing forward. Carburetor adapter/spacer allowed, maximum thickness (between carburetor and intake) including gaskets is 1.20 inches. (3)

Top 10 may have to pull carburetor after every feature. Inspection Gauges will be used.

Carburetor may be claimed, following same procedure as shock claim. Driver claiming carburetor may not claim shocks on same night. Claim rule: Carburetor can be claimed for $150 ($150 to driver being claimed). See carb and shock claim rules for claiming details.

Aluminum intake manifolds will be allowed.

No high rise allowed.

Only the following current production aluminum manifolds will be legal to use (3)

Chevy #7547 Chevy #5001 & 5061
Ford #7515 Ford # 5021 & 2760
Chrysler # 7545 Chrysler # 5076

A 1” maximum height adapter plate ONLY. 1” total between the intake and carburetor. (3)

NOTE TOP 5 may have to pull carburetor after every feature.

No (in and out ) boxes.

Must all be clutch operated (with motor running and truck in still position, driver must be able to engage truck in gear and move forward and backward at time of inspection).

Clutch must be inside of bell housing. (2)

Steel drive shaft only, (3) MUST be painted white and have a steel driveshaft loop measuring ¼” thick by 2 inches wide, located on the forward 1/3 to prevent it from dropping onto the track. (3)


Stock American engine.

Number 1 spark plug MUST be in line with the BALL JOINT. (1)

You may use roller rockers. Must have MINIMUM 1” inspection hole in intake. (1)

No roller camshafts,(3) roller tip rockers OK.


I.M.C.A. Mufflers are MANDATORY. (3)


No turndowns. Mufflers must be visible & welded securely in place. (1)

Loss of muffler may result in disqualification.

Optional 1 ¾” maximum primary tube headers.

The firewall at the front of the cockpit shall be a wall of protection against fire from the engine compartment. It shall be tightly sealed from top to bottom. Not allowing airflow from the engine compartment to the cockpit. (1)

All Pro Trucks will have a minimum 108” wheelbase. (3)

All vehicles will be stripped completely of interior, drivers seat which will be securely fastened to the roll cage, will be equipped with a head rest or a high back racing seat and will be subject to local track inspection.

Rear portion on unibody trucks, starting at the leaf spring mounts, may be fabricated or reinforced. The front sub and rear clip may be connected with MINIMUM 2” X 2” square tubing. No round tubing on the main frame rails. All spring and shock mounts must be in stock position.

CAMARO AND FIREBIRD FRONT SUBFRAMES OR UNIBODIED TRUCKS MUST BE 1981 OR OLDER. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! ONLY Howe or Port City replacement front sub allowed. Howe’s part #358-8-01, Ph# 989-435-7080. Port City part #1002-205 Ph# 800-472-2464. IF USING AFTERMARKET SUB, 50 pounds WILL BE ADDED TO FRONT OF TRUCK, 25 POUNDS ON EACH SIDE, IN FRONT OF BELL HOUSING.

Any type of regular fuel is ok. NO ALCOHOL. NO ADDITIVES. NO E-85 (3)

No electric or belt driven fuel pumps allowed. (3)



Tank construction, location and mounting are subject to inspection. A leaking tank is grounds for disqualification.

Must have bladder and check valve in fill cap. Must have steel canister around tank.

Must have approved loop behind the fuel cell, minimum eight (8) inch clearance.

Gas cap MUST be secured to fuel cell by chain or tie strap. (3)

Check valve in vent. (3)

Eight (8) inch wheels maximum. A commercial wheel is recommended.

NO Wide 5s allowed. Truck MUST be equipped with safety wheels on the right side and large safety lug nuts.



Windshield optional. If used, it MUST be safety glass, Lexan, or heavy screen.

No Plexiglas. Use of Plexiglas will result in suspension for the night. (3) This is subject to inspection.


Must be securely fastened, subject to track inspection. An air cleaner is mandatory. (3)

Any stock appearing distributor. Must accept stock distributor cap.

No after market dual point ignition or magnetos allowed.

NO crank fire ignitions.

Only stock manufactured bolt on type parts allowed. Ex: MSD or Accel replacement coils or module allowed providing it fits in stock location. (3)

No radios. Except mandatory race receiver, allowed in truck, or with any pit member or anyone connected with the racecar (3)

Any type of radiator may be used. Must be in front of the truck and not extend through the hood. (1)

Locked rear-end MANDATORY. No Gold tracks or Lockers Etc. NO QUICK CHANGE REAR-END. (3)

Screw jacks allowed on trucks. Truck may use 1 of 3 types of rear suspension only:

1. Stock style multi-leaf strings
2. 4 bar with coil springs. Z-link OK
3. Mono Coil combination

Maximum 42” lift bar or pull bar is allowed. No spring steel.

NO other torque arms, torque links, or 5th coils.

NO aluminum suspension pieces. (3)

Trailing arms and leaf spring mounts may have multiple mounting holes.

Heim joints must be all steel, ¾” (minimum)

Coil over are OK on rear only.

Screw jacks allowed on trucks, stock suspension in stock location. May run tubular upper control arms, MUST have cross shaft. May interchange stock lower control arms. Must remain unaltered and mount must remain unaltered. (3)

May run Heim on shock only. (1)

Must be Grand National design with upright supports. Must have halo bar. Four door bars are required in the driver’s door.

Cage construction should be a minimum of 1 ½” OD tubing (095). (3)

No aluminum tubing.

The driver’s seat must be securely fastened at bottom and back of the roll cage. Must have steel plate 18” x 24” x 1/8” in the driver’s door,(3) must have steel plate 6” x 12” x 1/8” behind the seat in front of the trailing arm. (3)

Must be racing type and quality. A 3” seat belt, 3” shoulder harness, and submarine straps are required and subject to inspection. All belts must have manufacturers date not more than 3 years old (must be able to read date).(3)

MANDATORY All components MUST be fastened whenever truck is on the track (3)

One shock absorber per wheel. No air coil-over, or struts allowed on the front. Steel racing shocks are OK on the front and rear. One 90/10 shock allowed mounted from top of rear end housing to roll cage. No gas charged. (3)

$50.00 per shock, may claim any or all shocks. 1 (ONE) claim PER DRIVER, PER SEASON. May claim anyone in the top 4. MUST BE IN WRITING and given to tech inspector in the tech area within 5 MINUTES of end of the feature. Must finish on the lead lap to be eligible to claim. FAILURE TO SELL: disqualified for the night, loss of points and money for that night only. Must qualify from rear most spot the following week. This is intended to keep the cost of this class down.


P245 approved American Racer tires only. (3)

Tire pressure must be at least 17lbs on the right rear, after each race.(3)

Any transmission, manual or automatic. NO quick-change transmissions. (3)

Must have scatter shield or protective plate 180 degrees around clutch. (3)

If L-plate is used. 1/8”steel plate is minimum thickness that will be allowed NO Bert type transmissions. Must have a dis-engageable drive train. NO direct drive system. (3)

3,000 pounds minimum weight. (2)

Added weight MUST be in plain sight, Painted white. (1)

No cement or liquid style weights.(1)

Weights must be securely mounted to the truck with the minimum of two ½” bolt and nuts per weight. (1)  Loss of any weight may be grounds for disqualification. No weight on rear bumper or outside body of the truck.(1) MUST have the truck number painted on it in a contrasting color and must be readable. (1)

MANDATORY-FRONT AND REAR. Cable or chain preferred. Tow hook cannot extend in front of truck. Both must be easily accessible.(2) If there are no wrecker hooks on the truck, it will be pushed, towed, or dragged to the infield until after the racing program is completed. A $10.00 fine may be assessed for no useable wrecker hooks. NEITHER WRECKER CREWS NOR RACETRACK PERSONNEL WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO THE VEHICLE.

Quick steers are OK. No rack and pinion steering (3)







Claiming driver must run claimed carb/shock(s) the next 2 times the driver and/or car is at the same track where the carb/shock(s) was claimed.  Even if it takes 2 weeks, 2 years, etc. to fulfill the 2 time requirement or may not compete at Tri-City Motor Speedway or in the Pro Stock class again.


First four (4) position finishers in the feature event must report directly to the claim area and are subject to carb/shock(s) claim by any driver finishing fifth (5th) on back. Any driver lapped by the fourth (4th) place car is not eligible to claim. Drivers are allowed to claim only one carb/shock(s) per event, regardless of the outcome of that claim. In case of multiple claims on the same carb/shock(s), carb/shock(s) will go to the claiming driver’s number pulled from a drawing.

Drivers making the claim must drive his/her car immediately after the finish of the feature, (under its own power) directly to the claiming area. Only drivers and officials are allowed in the claiming area. Claims must be made within five (5) minutes of the end of the feature and claimed carb/shock(s) must be completely removed within one (1) hour from the time the claim is made and driver agrees to sell the claimed carb/shocks(s). First sell or no sell by driver being claimed is binding. Promoter may claim any carb/shock(s) following the feature; so long as claim is made within the five (5) minutes of allotted time.

REFUSAL to sell will forfeit all cash and contingency winnings for feature, any trophy earned in feature, and ALL SEASON POINTS, driver will also be suspended for 30 days and will have to pay $1,000 fine before racing in the Pro Stock class again and cannot make a claim at TCMS for one calendar year. Any driver found to be claiming of carb/shock(s) for anyone else other than himself/herself will lose all points for the season and will be suspended for 30 calendar days. All claimed carbs/shock(s)  must be removed from car at track; buyer must examine carb/shock(s) before removal. Once removal has started, sale is final.

NOTE: Driver may only make one claim on claimable items per night. If Driver makes Shock(s) Claim then Driver cannot claim Carburetor. If Driver makes Carburetor Claim then driver cannot claim Shock(s).

NOTE: Driver may only make one Carburetor Claim and one Shock(s) Claim per season. Unless that driver has had 2 claims made against them. Then that driver may make one additional claim.

NOTE: Claiming driver must have raced the two weeks prior to claiming.

NOTE: Your race car must be legal to make a claim.

Drivers may lodge a protest against another truck they believe to be illegal. Protest MUST BE IN WRITING BEFORE FEATURE and accompanied by a $25.00 protest fee. Fee will be refunded if protest is upheld. 1 (ONE) protest per person per feature.

(1)– Deficiency slip – fix by next race
(2)– Disqualification - last place in points
 (3)– Disqualification – no points