May 31 Results

Written by Lee Wonnacott.

Kyle Prochazka, Street Stock Feature Winner, May 31, 2014
Kyle Proc …
The Street Stock opening laps saw Kevin Rohn battling for the lead with Shane Spencer but losing his left front tire but the veteran racer continued to race with just three tires. Spencer got loose and crested over the turn one and two banking. Back to green flag racing saw Derek Crandall, Kyle Prochazka, Joel Field, Rohn, and Doug McKeown  making up the top five. McKeown clipped the front stretch wall and dropped back. With one to go, Prochazka took the lead and went on to win over Crandall, Field, Dennis Parker, Rohn, Alex Richards, Ricky Smith Sr., Troy Goodrich, Mike VanderMark, Jr., and Jeff Dygert.  
Crandall and Prochazka took preliminary heat wins.

Official Results - Street Stocks, May 31, 2014


  1. Kyle Prochazka
  2. Derek Crandall
  3. Joel Field
  4. Dennis Parker
  5. Kevin Rohn
  6. Alex Richards
  7. Ricky Smith Sr
  8. Troy Goodrich
  9. Mike Vandermark, Jr.
  10. Jeff Dygert
  11. Christina Haney
  12. Doug McKeown, Sr
  13. Shane Spencer
  14. Bobby Reed 
Heat 1
  1. Derek Crandall
  2. Shane Spencer
  3. Christina Haney
  4. Troy Goodrich
  5. Mike Vandermark, Jr
  6. Bobby Reed
  7. Dennis Parker 
Heat 2
  1. Kyle Prochazka
  2. Joel Field
  3. Kevin Rohn
  4. Alex Richards
  5. Doug McKeown, Sr
  6. Ricky Smith Sr
  7. Jeff Dygert