June 7 Results

Written by Lee Wonnacott.

Joe Fowler, Pro Truck,  Feature Winner, June 7, 2014
Joe Fowle …
The Engine Pro Pro Truck division kicked off the evenings action with Joe Fowler  taking the early lead with Chance Allen and Paul Grosnickle battling for second. Curtis Rice began to make a charge to get under Grosnickle for second with Nate Jones working to get by both of them. At the halfway point, Jones made it three wide down the front stretch and took the second spot away with Rice moving into third.
A caution with five to go bunched the field again and at the green, Fowler and Jones were locked side by side, taking turns sticking a nose out for the lead. As they took the white flag, the two touched coming out of turn four, with Fowler spinning out. Officials deemed Jones to be the caution car, handing the win to Fowler.
Second place went to Rice, followed by Grosnickle, Dave Peters, Jones, Tim Wood, Chris Brown, Carl Thayer, Allen, and Gary Dancer.
Heats went to Grosnickle and Fowler.  

Official Results - Pro Trucks, June 7, 2014

  1. Joe Fowler
  2. Curtis Rice
  3. Paul Grosnickle
  4. Dave Peters
  5. Nate Jones
  6. Tim Wood
  7. Chris Brown
  8. Carl Thayer
  9. Chance Allen
  10. Gary Dancer
  11. James McKeown
  12. Richard Melton
  13. Ryan Paradise
Heat 1
  1. Paul Grosnickle
  2. Carl Thayer
  3. Chance Allen
  4. Dave Peters
  5. Gary Dancer
  6. James McKeown
Heat 2
  1. Joe Fowler
  2. Nate Jones
  3. Curtis Rice
  4. Tim Wood
  5. Ryan Paradise
  6. Chris Brown
  7. Richard Melton