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August 16 Results

Written by Lee Wonnacott.

Rob Brillhart, Pro Stock - Feature Winner, August 16, 2014
Rob Brill …
In the Port City Race Car Pro Stocks, Rob Brillhart grabbed his first feature win of the year over Blake Hollenbeck, Jesse Playter, Barry Rinard, Bob Whitcomb, Jaycee Baker, Ryan Teeter, Don Rohn, Mark Davis, and Josh Loomis.  
Hollenbeck and Rinard claimed heat wins.
Loomis owns a solid lead over Rohn, Playter, Brillhart, and Hollenbeck going into
the final night of points racing.


Official Results - Pro Stocks, August 16, 2014
  1. Rob Brillhart
  2. Blake Hollenbeck
  3. Jesse Playter
  4. Barry Rinard
  5. Bob Whitcomb
  6. Jaycee Baker
  7. Ryan Teeter
  8. Don Rohn
  9. Mark Davis
  10. Josh Loomis
  11. Gary VanderMark
  12. John Taylor
  13. Jeramie Raby
Heat 1
  1. Barry Rinard
  2. Gary VanderMark
  3. Jeramie Raby
  4. Don Rohn
  5. Ryan Teeter
  6. Jaycee Baker
  7. Jesse Playter
Heat 2
  1. Blake Hollenbeck
  2. Josh Loomis
  3.  Rob Brillhart
  4. John Taylor
  5. Mark Davis
  6. Bob Whitcomb