June 21 Results

Written by Lee Wonnacott.

Rusty Seaver, Pro Stock - Feature Winner, June 21, 2014
Rusty Sea …
Chris Wiggins lead the opening laps of the Port City Racing Pro Stock with Gary Buskirk, Josh Loomis and Blake Hollenbeck following. Jesse Playter slowly crept forward and made his way into second with Buskirk behind him.

Rusty Seaver had worked his way from his tenth place starting position into the top five and then into the top three with Wiggins and Playter. Seaver made his move and took the lead and then quickly moved away from the rest of the pack. Ryan Teeter got loose in front of the leader, bringing out the caution with five to go.

Back under green, Seaver pulled out to a comfortable lead as the rest of the field stretched out behind him. Loomis and Playter battle second with Gary VanderMark in fourth and John Taylor in fifth. Seaver went on to win over Loomis, Playter, Taylor, VanderMark, George Wease, Wiggins, Barry Rinard, Buskirk, and Mark Davis.

Wiggins and Playter gathered up heat wins. 


Official Results - Pro Stocks, June 21, 2014
  1. Rusty Seaver
  2. Josh Loomis
  3. Jesse Playter
  4. John Taylor
  5. Gary VanderMark
  6. George Wease
  7. Chris Wiggins
  8. Barry Rinard
  9. Gary Buskirk
  10. Mark Davis
  11. Jaycee Baker
  12. Ryan Teeter
  13. Rodney Heikkila
  14. Rob Brillhart
  15. Blake Hollenbeck
  16. Don Rohn
  17. Jay McClain
  18. Bob Whitcomb 
Heat 1
  1. Chris Wiggins
  2. Rob Brillhart  
  3. Barry Rinard  
  4. Gary VanderMark  
  5. Rodney Heikkila  
  6. Jaycee Baker  
  7. Don Rohn  
  8. Ryan Teeter
  9. George Wease 
Heat 2
  1. Jesse Playter
  2. Rusty Seaver
  3. Blake Hollenbeck
  4. Josh Loomis
  5. Gary Buskirk
  6. John Taylor
  7. Mark Davis
  8. Jay McClain
  9. Bob Whitcomb