June 14 Results

Written by Lee Wonnacott.

John Taylor - Pro Stock, Feature Winner, June 14, 2014
John Tayl …
Port City Racing Pro Stock action found John Taylor holding the early lead over Rob Brillhart, Josh Loomis, Barry Rinard,  Rusty Seaver and Blake Hollenbeck. Taylor was able to pull out to a small lead while the rest of the top five battled to take a shot at the leader. Seaver made his way to second and began to look to the inside of Taylor but got loose.

With three to go, Seaver made a swing to the high side of the leader and got a bit loose. Taylor held on to take the event over Brillhart, Seaver, Loomis, Rinard, Larry Bulson III, Gary Buskirk, Tony Vinton, Jesse Playter, and Mark Davis.

Brillhart and Loomis grabbed heat wins. 

Official Results - Pro Stocks, June 14, 2014
  1. John Taylor
  2. Rob Brillhart
  3. Rusty Seaver
  4. Josh Loomis
  5. Barry Rinard
  6. Larry Bulson III
  7. Gary Buskirk
  8. Tony Vinton
  9. Jesse Playter
  10. Mark Davis
  11. Blake Hollenbeck
  12. Bob Whitcomb
  13. Chris Wiggins
  14. George Wease
  15. Don Rohn
  16. Gary VanderMark
Heat 1
  1. Rob Brillhart
  2. Gary Buskirk
  3. Barry Rinard
  4. Mark Davis
  5. Larry Bulson III
  6. Don Rohn
  7. Bob Whitcomb
  8. Gary VanderMark
Heat 2
  1. Josh Loomis
  2. Rusty Seaver
  3. Blake Hollenbeck
  4. Jesse Playter
  5. John Taylor
  6. George Wease
  7. Tony Vinton
  8. Chris Wiggins