June 7 Results

Written by Lee Wonnacott.

Jeramie Raby, Pro Stock,  Feature Winner, June 7, 2014
Jeramie R …
Jeramie Raby jumped out to the early lead in the Port City Racing Pro Stocks but a tangle between drivers in turn one brought out another early lap caution.

Raby jumped back out front with Blake Hollenbeck and CJ Reisbig following. Jesse Playter and Gary VanderMark moved forward and Playter eventually grabbed third from Reisbig. Raby continued to set the pace and was lapping traffic by the halfway point. Hollenbeck had been running a strong second but sudden mechanical issues and he pulled into the infield, handing the position to Playter.

With only four to go, Rusty Seaver made his way to the front, taking away second. Raby developed handling issues but was able to guide his wounded car to the win over Seaver, Playter, Gary VanderMark, Josh Loomis, Brillhart, Don Rohn, Reisbig,

Gary Buskirk, and Barry Rinard. Raby and Brillhart took the top spots in their heats. 

Official Results - Pro Stocks, June 7, 2014
  1. Jeramie Raby
  2. Rusty Seaver
  3. Jesse Playter
  4. Gary VanderMark
  5. Josh Loomis
  6. Rob Brillhart
  7. Don Rohn
  8. CJ Reisbig
  9. Gary Buskirk
  10. Barry Rinard
  11. George Wease
  12. Rodney Heikkila
  13. Cody Cavagnaro
  14. Randy Wellman
  15. Chris Wiggins
  16. Blake Hollenbeck
  17. Bob Whitcomb
  18. John Taylor
  19. Mark Davis
  20. Jaycee Baker
Heat 1
  1. Jeramie Raby
  2. CJ Reisbig
  3. Gary VanderMark
  4. Blake Hollenbeck
  5. Don Rohn
  6. Jesse Playter
  7. Rodney Heikkila
  8. George Wease
  9. Gary Buskirk
  10. Jaycee Baker
Heat 2
  1. Rob Brillhart
  2. Rusty Seaver
  3. Josh Loomis
  4. Barry Rinard
  5. Mark Davis
  6. Bob Whitcomb
  7. Randy Wellman
  8. Chris Wiggins
  9. Cody Cavagnaro
  10. John Taylor