Cautions Thin Field to Four Car Finish

Nate Jones PS 6.27.15
Nate Jone …
 June 27, 2015 - Nick Stormzand and Nate Jones had a two lap fight for the lead before Jones finally jumped out front in Port City Racecar Pro Stock feature. Chad Raby and Stormzand continued the fight for second as Jones cruised onward. Blake Hollenbeck slid into third at the halfway point with Josh Loomis following.
The next few laps saw multiple cautions, thinning the field down to only four cars with Jones, Raby, Hollenbeck, and Kendall Morrison left. They went on to finish in that exact order with fifth going to Stormzand, Derek Crandall, Josh Loomis, Mike VanderMark, Jr., Jake Headley, and Ryan Teeter.
Loomis and Jones snapped heat wins.

Don Rohn Wire to Wire

Don Rohn PS 6.20.15
Don Rohn …
 June 20, 2015 - The Port City Racecar Pro Stock feature got started with Don Rohn out front, followed by Nick Stormzand and Jake Headley. Chad Raby began to work his way into the top of the mix as Rohn continued to lead the pack.
The race got to ten to go and Rohn was still in the lead with John Taylor not far behind. The fight for third between Headley and Raby raged on for several laps with Raby finally taking it away. Rohn took the white flag and went on to win his first feature of the year in a race that went green to checkers.
Taylor held on for second, followed by Raby, Headley, Rob Brillhart, Blake Hollenbeck, Mike VanderMark, Jr., Stormzand, Derek Crandall, and Josh Loomis.
Heats were taken by Rohn and VanderMark.

VanderMark, Rohn, Jones

PS-Vander …
June 13, 2015 - Don Rohn jumped out to the early lead in the Port City Racecar Pro Stock feature but lost a drive shaft three laps in, handing the lead over to Nate Jones, followed by Nick Stormzand and Mike VanderMark Jr.. After five more laps, Jones also dropped a drive shaft, with Stormzand taking the point. VanderMark edged alongside the leader and finally took the lead at the halfway point with John Taylor tight on his bumper. With VanderMark setting sail, a storm brewed up in a fight for second with Josh Loomis, Taylor, Chad Raby, and Stormzand all in the duel. 
With just two laps to go, VanderMark lead Loomis to the checker, followed by Chad Raby, Rob Brillhart, Nick Stormzand, Blake Hollenbeck, Derek Schestag,
John Taylor, Jaycee Baker, and Nathan Murphy. Rohn and Jones won the heat events.

Taylor to Victory Lane

John Taylor PS 6.6.15
John Tayl …
The Port City Racecar Pro Stock feature saw John Taylor dominate the event until a caution bunched the field, putting Nate Jones, Don Rohn, and Mike VanderMark right on his tail. Two laps later, Jones was involved in a eight car pileup that sent him to the pits. Taylorwas able to pull away from the pack and went on to win over VanderMark, Josh Loomis, Rob Brillhart, Derek Schestag, Blake Hollenbeck, Mike Husted,  Jeramie Raby, Nick Stormzand, and Nick Rohloff.
Heats went to Derek Crandall and Don Rohn. 


Raby Takes PS Feature

Benjamin Nott FS 5.23.15
Benjamin …
 May 23, 2015 - Chad Raby dominated the Port City Racecar Pro Stock feature while Jeff Kohn and Josh Loomis closed toward the end for second and third. Mike VanderMark, Jr. grabbed fourth, followed by Derek Schestag, Jake Headley,
Jeramie Raby, Rob Brillhart, Derek Crandall, and Mike Husted.
Crandall and VanderMark Jr gathered preliminary wins.

Hollenbeck Wiggles - Loomis Wins

Josh Loomis PS CMS 5.16.15
Josh Loom …
 May 16, 2015 - Blake Hollenbeck pulled out front and ran away in the early going of the Port City Racecar Pro Stocks with Mike VanderMark Jr and Josh Loomis about ten lengths back. Hollenbeck got loose, allowing Loomis to take the lead
and eventually the win.
VanderMark, Jr. was a close second, followed by Rob Brillhart, Hollenbeck, Chad Raby, Jake Headley, Nick Stormzand, Jeramie Raby, Derek Crandall, and Derek Schestag.
Loomis and Don Rohn collected heat gold.