June 7 Results

Written by Lee Wonnacott.

Ryan VanderVeen, Late Model v
Ryan Vand …
Bry Sloan took the early lead in the Kentucky Fried Chicken Late Model feature and pulled out to a small but comfortable lead. While Sloan was pulling away, Ryan VanderVeen began to work his way to second from deeper in the field while Jay Van Dyke, Scott Baker, and Scott Haney battle for position behind them. A caution bunched the field with Sloan in front but with VanderVeen glued to his bumper. Matt Pickard moved into third as VanderVeen looked to the inside and then took the lead. Scott Baker moved into second and tried to reel in the high flying VanderVeen, pulling within four lengths with five to go.

One last caution brought Baker right to the leaders bumper with four to go. Sloan, Josh Borton and Van Dyke finished up the top five. The leader slowly pulled away and VanderVeen went on to win over Baker, Pickard, Sloan, Borton, Ries, Zack Olger, Ryan Kent, Amanda Wing, and Scott Nieman.

Carl Ries scored the B Main win while Sloan, Haney, and Pickard all collected preliminary wins. 


Official Results - Late Models, June 7, 2014
  1. Ryan VanderVeen
  2. Scott Baker
  3. Matt Pickard
  4. Bry Sloan
  5. Josh Borton
  6. Carl Ries
  7. Zack Olger
  8. Ryan Kent
  9. Amanda Wing
  10. Scott Nieman
  11. Doug Baird
  12. Tim Stott
  13. Jay Van Dyke
  14. Rachel Carpenter
  15. Kevin Reeve
  16. Dean Huizenga
  17. Scott Haney
  18. Brook Brasington 
B Main
  1. Carl Ries
  2. Brook Brasington
  3. Dean Huizenga
  4. Andrew Fidler
  5. Jason Playter, Jr
  6. Mike Kresnak
  7. Liz Patterson
  8. Scot Church
  9. Trevor Monk
  10. Don Proctor, Jr
  11. Kurt Mesman 
Heat 1
  1. Bry Sloan
  2. Jay Van Dyke
  3. Scott Baker
  4. Tim Stott
  5. Josh Borton
  6. Carl Ries
  7. Mike Kresnak
  8. Liz Patterson
  9. Kurt Mesman 
Heat 2
  1. Scott Haney
  2. Zack Olger
  3. Kevin Reeve
  4. Ryan Kent
  5. Rachel Carpenter
  6. Brook Brasington
  7. Trevor Monk
  8. Jason Playter, Jr
  9. Scot Church
Heat 3
  1. Matt Pickard
  2. Doug Baird
  3. Ryan VanderVeen
  4. Amanda Wing
  5. Scott Nieman
  6. Dean Huizenga
  7. Andrew Fidler
  8. Don Proctor, Jr