May 31 Results

Written by Lee Wonnacott.

Scott Baker, Late Model Feature Winner, May 31, 2014
Scott Bak …
The Kentucky Fried Chicken sponsored Late Model feature got off to a fast pace with Denny Anderson leading over Dave Hartman, Amanda Wing, and Jay Van Dyke. Hartman pulled along side Anderson and they ran just inches apart lap after lap, one pulling a nose out front and then the other. Scott Baker worked his way forward and pulled into third, just off the tail of the leaders. With three to go, Baker slid under Anderson and rode that momentum to pass Hartman and went on to win the non stop green to checker race over Zach Olger, Hartman, Anderson, Wing, Van Dyke, Josh Borton, Kevin Reeve, Matt Pickard, and Tom Dusen.  

Kevin Reeve took the B Main with heats falling to Hartman,Olger, and Anderson. 


Official Results - Late Models, May 31, 2014
  1. Scott Baker
  2. Zack Olger
  3. Dave Hartman
  4. Denny Anderson
  5. Amanda Wing
  6. Jay Van Dyke
  7. Josh Borton
  8. Kevin Reeve
  9. Matt Pickard
  10. Tom Dusen
  11. Kyle Borgman
  12. Blaine Hendrick
  13. Scott Nieman
  14. Rachel Carpenter
  15. Dean Huizenga
  16. Brennan Bowen
  17. Tim Stott
  18. Scott Haney
B Main
  1. Kevin Reeve
  2. Kyle Borgman
  3. Dean Huizenga
  4. Scot Church
  5. Jason Playter, Jr
  6. Andrew Fidler
  7. Doug Baird
  8. Brad Buskirk
  9. Kurt Mesman
  10. Bry Sloan
  11. Liz Patterson
  12. Logan Love
Heat 1
  1. Scott Baker
  2. Jay Van Dyke
  3. Rachel Carpenter
  4. Kyle Borgman
  5. Brad Buskirk
  6. Liz Patterson
  7. Jason Playter, Jr
Heat 2
  1. Zack Olger
  2. Tim Stott
  3. Matt Pickard
  4. Brennan Bowen
  5. Scott Haney
  6. Logan Love
  7. Dean Huizenga
  8. Andrew Fidler
  9. Kurt Mesman
Heat 3
  1. Denny Anderson,
  2. Josh Borton
  3. Tom Dusen
  4. Blaine Hendrick
  5. Scott Nieman
  6. Kevin Reeve
  7. Scot Church
  8. Doug Baird
  9. Bry Sloan