June 21 Results

Written by Lee Wonnacott.

Joe Eller, Flinn Stock - Feature Winner, June 21, 2014
Joe Eller …
 The Races On The Web Flinn Stock feature saw Joe Eller jump out front of Meagan Healy, Cody Everingham, Sean Brooms, and Taylor Runions.

Eller continued to lead a huge parade of cars when Runions got involved in an incident on the front stretch that saw him roll over. He was unhurt but his night was over. 


Eller continued his lead but Healy and Johnny Miller weren't far behind. Derrick Stahl went for a wild ride off the back stretch during the white flag lap, bringing out a caution.  Once the white flew again, Eller went on to win over Healy, Miller, Nathan Marsh, Spencer Simon, Regina Carlson, Allen Roszell,  Everingham, Brooms, and Nathan Sage. Eller and Roszell posed for heat win photos


Official Results - Flinn Stocks, June 21, 2014


  1. Joe Eller
  2. Megan Healy
  3. Johnny Miller
  4. Nathaniel Marsh
  5. Spencer Simon
  6. Regina Carlson
  7. Allen Roszell, 8.
  8. Cody Everingham
  9. Sean Brooms
  10. Nathan Sage
  11. Austin Wiley
  12. Cole Speckin
  13. Derrick Stahl
  14. Ricky Brown
  15. Taylor Runions
  16. Ryan Brady
Heat 1
  1. Joe Eller
  2. Cody Everingham
  3. Sean Brooms
  4. Nathan Sage
  5. Taylor Runions
  6. Johnny Miller
  7. Ryan Brady
  8. Ricky Brown 
Heat 2
  1. Allen Roszell
  2. Megan Healy
  3. Cole Speckin
  4. Austin Wiley
  5. Nathaniel Marsh
  6. Regina Carlson
  7. Derrick Stahl
  8. Spencer Simon