June 7 Results

Written by Lee Wonnacott.

Cody Everingham, Flinn Stock  Feature Winner, June 7, 2014
Cody Ever …
The final event of the night was the Races On The Web Flinn Stocks with Cody Everingham jumping out to the lead. Nathan Sage, Taylor Runions, and Regina Carlson made up the top five.

Ed Blackmer came from the back of the pack to claim second while Joe Eller made his way his way forward and took over fourth. Blackmer made the pass on Everingham but Everingham began to look to take the lead back and finally made the pass to take the lead once again.

With two to go, it was all Everingham and he held on to win over Blackmer, Runions, Jody Owen, Derrick Stahl, Carlson, Sage, Joe Pironello, Megan Healy, Eller, and Adam Champlin.

Everingham and Pironello took heat gold. 



Official Results - Flinn Stocks, June 7, 2014


  1. Cody Everingham
  2. Ed Blackmer
  3. Taylor Runions
  4. Cody Owen
  5. Derrick Stahl
  6. Regina Carlson
  7. Nathan Sage
  8. Joe Pironello
  9. Megan Healy
  10. Joe Eller
  11. Adam Champlin
Heat 1
  1. Joe Pironello
  2. Megan Healy
  3. Ed Blackmer
  4. Taylor Runions
  5. Nathan Sage
  6. Derrick Stahl
Heat 2
  1. Cody Everingham
  2. Cody Owen
  3. Regina Carlson
  4. Joe Eller
  5. Adam Champlin