May 31 Results

Written by Lee Wonnacott.

Sean Brooms, Flinn Stocks Feature Winner, May 31, 2014
Sean Broo …
The Races On The Web Flinn Stock division feature was Sean Brooms, Cody Owen, and Chuck Shaw. With only a few laps to go, Shaw began losing power and Brooms pulled away to win over Owen, Spencer Simon, Shaw, Regina Carlson, Nathan Sage, Cody Everingham, Justin Stahl, and Taylor Runions.  Brooms and Shaw took heats.



Official Results - Flinn Stocks, May 31, 2014


  1. Sean Brooms
  2. Cody Owen
  3. Spencer Simon
  4. Chuck Shaw
  5. Regina Carlson
  6. Nathan Sage
  7. Cody Everingham
  8. Justin Stahl
  9. Taylor Runions
Heat 1
  1. Sean Broom
  2. Justin Stahl
  3. Nathan Sage
  4. Spencer Simon
Heat 2
  1. Chuck Shaw
  2. Taylor Runions
  3. Cody Owen
  4. Regina Carlson
  5. Cody Everingham