Rohn Jr Wins From The Back of The Field

Kevin Rohn Jr FS 6.27.15
Kevin Roh …
 June 27, 2015 - Derrick Stahl, James Snyder, and Travis McGill made up the top three in the Races On The Web Flinn Stock division but about the half way point, Kevin Rohn Jr. worked his way from the back of the pack and then took the lead and he began to pull away. 
McGill and Snyder held their positions but Rohn was on top of his game and he went on to win over McGill, Snyder, Stahl,Carl Healy, Rusty Sowles, Gabe Gesselman, Spencer Simon,
Nick Davenport, and Casey Vogel. McGill and Gesselman took heats.


Gesselman Takes Mid-Season Win

Don Rohn PS 6.20.15
Don Rohn …
 June 20, 2015 - The Races On The Web Flinn Stock race found Travis McGill, Spencer Simon, Kevin Rohn Jr, and Gabe Gesselman in a huge fight for the lead. Gesselman worked the inside lane and took the point about the halfway point and began to pulled away. He took the white flag and went on to win over Rohn, Simon, Alan Roszell, Kyle Woodard, Rusty Sowles, Derrick Stahl, McGill, Shane Wiggins, and Chris Strouse. 
McGill and Stahl won heats.

Redmon Takes Twin Flinn

 June 13, 2015 - The Races On The Web Flinn Stock event boiled down to a fight between Dave Redmond and Gabe Gesselman with Redmond taking the win. Allen Roszell scored third, followed by Kevin Rohn, Jr., Gary Larabee, Brian Hammond, James Snyder, Travis McGill, Derrick Stahl, and Ashley Powell. 
Snyder and Taylor Runions posed for heat win photos.

Runions Takes Two

Taylor Runions FS 6.6.15
Taylor Ru …
Justin Stahl jumped to the early lead of the Races On The Web Flinn Stocks but Taylor Runions began to zero in on the leader. Runions took ever so briefly, passing Stahl but was sling-shotted and Stahl resumed the lead.
Runions made another move and finally took the lead with Gabe Gesselman moving into the top three. Runions went on to win over Justin Stahl, Gesselman, Benjamin Nott, Gary Larabee, Allen Roszell, Spencer Simon, Kevin Rohn, Jr., James Snyder, and Derrick Stahl.
Heats fell to Runions and Nott.

It's Nott's Night !

Myron DeYoung IMCA 5.23.15
Myron DeY …
 May 23, 2015 - The Races On The Web Flinn Stock division was taken by Benjamin Nott in a hard fought race with Kasondra Johnson and Allen Roszell. Fourth went to
Gabe Gesselman, followed by Brian Hammond, Spencer Simon, Nick Davenport,
Felicia Rohn, Shane Wiggins, and Justin Taylor.
Heats went to Johnson and Nott.