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Thank YOU! - Great Lakes Nationals In The Books!  

Mike Burkin took the win in the Michigan Tradional Sprints, Zack Olger had a great race to win the KFC Late Models, Taylor Runions completed the 2014 season with a win in the ROTW Flinn Stocks, Johnny Deyoung Jr won an exciting race as he took home the big money in the Port City Racecar IMCA Modified event while AJ Ward cinched the season championship, John Taylor scored the Port City Racing Pro Stocks, Mike Seaman took his second feature of the season in the Engine Pro Pro Trucks, and Kyle Prochazka went from crew member to driver for the GLN and took home the checkers in the final race of 2014.

This completes the 2014 season at Crystal Motor Speedway. Seasons come and seasons go and 2014 was one of the memorable ones. Promoter Ron Flinn would like to thank all the fans, drivers, crew members, and sponsors for making this season worthwhile. The next 'event' is the awards banquet, held on January 10th, 2015. Watch this website or call the office at 989.235.5200 for further information. More info and photos iside!


There is an updated version of the "General Rules" available in a pdf format HERE. I'll try to get it on a page of its own shortly. A printable page of the CMS schedule can be found here:   

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Unfortunately, front gate admission prices will rise to $12 on 'regular nights' and $15 on 'special nights.' Kids will remain at $5. A season grandstand pass can be obtained for $220. Pit passes remain at $25. In probably the best deal of the year, a family pass for two adults and two kids is only $25! Drivers and their cars must be checked no later than 5:45PM. Due to the tight time schedule, you may only 'call in - check in' once a month.

Get the latest versions of the revised versions of the the Pro Truck rules, Street Stock rules, and the Pro Stock rules.

As announced at the banquet, there is a new rule for the Pro Trucks:

OPTIONAL TRANSMISSION RULE Bert type transmissions will be allowed. If a Bert type transmission is used, you must add an additional 50 lbs on each side in front of the engine plate. Weight may be adjusted for competitive quality. NO BALL SPLINE TRANSMISSIONS WILL BE PERMITTED.

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For those that intend to have minors entering the pits, here is the minor release form to have pre-filled out. PLEASE NOTE! "Legal" people say you need to do one of two things. Fill it out and have it notarized or fill it out but don't sign it until you are at the track so track officials can countersign it. Other forms will be posted here shortly.


September 4, 2011

In a Port City Pro Stock race that anyone in the top five could have won, it was former champion Chaney Newland who would come out on top. Newland would take the lead about half way through the 25 lap feature but he would spend all of his time out front battling with Mike Husted who would finish second, third place finisher Don Rohn, Ryan Kent who would come home in fourth, and Saturday nights feature winner Larry Kosloski who held on for a fifth place finish.

Feature Winner Pro Stocks - Chaney Newland, Sep 4, 2011
Dick Reynolds would pick up heat race number one, while heat race number two went to Mike Husted.

Tonights Results

A Feature

  1. Chaney Newland (, MI)
  2. Mike Husted (Ionia, MI)
  3. Don Rohn (Sheridan, MI)
  4. Ryan Kent (Greenville, Mi)
  5. Larry Kosloski (Grand Ledge, MI)
  6. Gordon Snyder (Sumner, MI)
  7. Chad Raby (Riverdale, MI)
  8. Dan Hubbell (Hastings, MI)
  9. Vern Buskirk (Crystal, MI)
  10. Blake Hollenbeck (Sidney, MI)
  11. Brett Hawley (Greenville, MI)
  12. Reb Marble (Ithaca, MI)
  13. Doug McKeown, Sr. (Sidney, MI)
  14. Derek Poland (Muskegon, MI)
  15. Jeramie Raby (Riverdale, MI)
  16. Terry LaClear (Edmore, MI)
  17. Dick Reynolds (Zeeland, MI)
  18. Andy Proctor (Howard City, MI)
  19. Ryan Teeter (Crystal, MI)
  20. Robert McDonald, Sr. (Newaygo, MI)

Heat 1

  1. Dick Reynolds (Zeeland, MI)
  2. Don Rohn (Sheridan, MI)
  3. Blake Hollenbeck (Sidney, MI)
  4. Derek Poland (Muskegon, MI)
  5. Chaney Newland (, MI)
  6. Terry LaClear (Edmore, MI)
  7. Reb Marble (Ithaca, MI)
  8. Chad Raby (Riverdale, MI)
  9. Ryan Teeter (Crystal, MI)
  10. Jeramie Raby (Riverdale, MI)

Heat 2

  1. Mike Husted (Ionia, MI)
  2. Vern Buskirk (Crystal, MI)
  3. Gordon Snyder (Sumner, MI)
  4. Ryan Kent (Greenville, Mi)
  5. Larry Kosloski (Grand Ledge, MI)
  6. Dan Hubbell (Hastings, MI)
  7. Doug McKeown, Sr. (Sidney, MI)
  8. Andy Proctor (Howard City, MI)
  9. Brett Hawley (Greenville, MI)
  10. Robert McDonald, Sr. (Newaygo, MI)

Late Models Points Leaders

1. Scott Baker - 510
2. M Pickard - 482
3. J Borton (R) - 478
4. Zack Olger - 413
5. D Huizenga - 411


Pro Stock Points Leaders

1. Josh Loomis - 584
2. J. Playter - 541
3. R. Brillhart - 535
4. Don Rohn - 530
5. B Hollenbeck - 525

IMCA Mods Points Leaders

1. A.J. Ward - 633
2. M DeYoung - 605
3  C Wernette - 579
4. J DeYoung Jr - 568
5. Jimmy Hale Jr - 525

Street Stock Points Leaders

1   K Prochazka - 634
2. M VanderMark - 611
3. D McKeown Sr - 577
4. D Crandall - 510
5. Christina Haney - 508

Pro Truck Points Leaders

1. Nate Jones - 643
2. Curtis Rice - 617
3. P Grosnickle (R) - 598
4. R Paradise - 580
5. J McKeown - 543

Flinn Stock Points Leaders

  • 1. Nathan Sage - 555
    2. R Carlson - 548
    3. T Runions (R) - 520
    4. C. Everingham - 493
    5. Justin Stahl - 423