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What A Glorious Night For A Race!!  

Ron Harper won in the Street Stock feature while Andrew Fidler overtook Kevin Rohn in the closing laps in the Pro Trucks. The Pro Stock feature fell to Rob Brillhart and Chad Wernette took the IMCA Mod main event. Gabe Gesselman took the Flinn Stock feature and finally Carl Ries took the Late Model Feature. More results, points, and photos in the morning! Tonight was sponsored by sponsored by Michigan One Community Credit Union.

Next week is another full show of all six divisions. Pit gates open at 4:30 and the main grandstand gates open at 5PM. Racing begins at 7:30. Adults are $12 and kids 5-11 are $5. Pit passes are $25. More information can be obtained by calling the track office at 989.235.5200. The 2015 SCHEDULE IS HERE
If everything goes right, we will try to broadcast this weekend. Some remarkable people from across the nation donated to a "Go Fund Me" campaign started by David Hendrick of Sidney. He set a goal of $1000 and that goal was surpassed in about 18 hours. I am humbled. THANK YOU to all the folks that gave so graciously and abundantly.

We will be live streaming the races tonight starting about 7:25 or so and you can watch on your pc HERE while I-Pad users can watch HERE.You can test your device before the races begin by clicking on one of the previous links as we have a 24/7 stream of races from 2014 running.
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And Now, The News...
If all goes as planned, I hope to start a weekly interview with those who work, race, or are somehow connected to CMS. I have two such interviews tentatively set up for today. Who are they? Check back on Monday afternoon!
Weather Or Not! 
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There was a modification to the rules concerning transponders. While it was changed in the rules, I failed to post here it here. This rule was modified April 21st, 2015. It says: "18. Transponders must be mounted on the right side and the back of rear axle and in an orange transponder pouch. If your transponder falls off you may not be scored and you will be responsible for replacing the transponder.Any racer caught trying to modify or deliberately changing location of transponder will be disqualified."  Check with your tech inspector if you have questions.
The 2015 rules packages are here: LATE MODEL, IMCA, PRO STOCK, STREET STOCK, and the GENERAL CMS RULES. The 2015 SCHEDULE IS HERE.

You can reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as you have been able to reach me since this site started back in 1993. I have or can get you the honest answer far more often than you can get it on FaceBook. You may find this hard to believe but not everything you read on FB is true.

For those that intend to have minors entering the pits, here is the minor release form to have pre-filled out. PLEASE NOTE! "Legal" people say you need to do one of two things. Fill it out and have it notarized or fill it out but don't sign it until you are at the track so track officials can countersign it. Other forms will be posted here shortly.


June 18, 2011

Milt Montgomery held the lead early of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Late Models but Tom Dusen soon overtook him, relegating him to second. Roger Wing had bobbled early in the race and fell to near the rear but slowly began to work his way back to the front. In the mean time, Kyle Borgman hauled in and over took the leaders to take his turn at the point. Borgman pulled away while Montgomery, Dusen, Matt Pickard, and Mickey Carmen fought for position behind him.

Feature Winner Late Model - Kyle Borgman, June 18, 2011
The caution flew as Montgomery spun about half way through the event in turn three. Carmen slipped up and Jeff Kohn grabbed second just as Wing entered the top six. With five to go, Kohn began to close on Borgman as the leader came into lapped traffic, allowing Kohn to move to the back of his bumper with five to go. Kohn began an all out assault to take the win but Borgman opened up a car length lead to take the win over Kohn, Keith Gentz, Pickard, and Wing.

Scott Haney and Scott Baker collected heat wins.

Current Points Standings (Top 20)

  1. Jeff Kohn 223
  2. Matt Pickard 221
  3. Roger Wing 220
  4. Kyle Borgman 209
  5. Keith Gentz 206
  6. Carl Ries 197
  7. Mark Andersen 197
  8. Tom Dusen 195
  9. Mickey Carman, Jr. 193
  10. Joshua Knoll 159
  11. Mike Nugent 137
  12. Milt Montgomery 117
  13. Kurt Mesman 113
  14. Justin McNeill 101
  15. Tim Lytle 100
  16. Scott Baker 99
  17. Scott Haney 85
  18. Scott Philips (R) 83
  19. Brad Buskirk 65
  20. James Neff 51

Tonights Results

A Feature

  1. Kyle Borgman (Muskegon, MI)
  2. Jeff Kohn (Sheridan, MI)
  3. Keith Gentz (Grant, MI)
  4. Matt Pickard (Grant, MI)
  5. Roger Wing (Middleton, MI)
  6. Scott Baker (Ionia, MI)
  7. Joshua Knoll (Barryton, Mi)
  8. Tom Dusen (Muskegon, MI)
  9. Justin McNeill (Houghton Lake, MI)
  10. Kurt Mesman (Wyoming, MI)
  11. Scott Philips (Marlette, MI)
  12. Kathy Jarvis (PC, UT)
  13. James Neff (Mt. Pleasant, MI)
  14. Kim Watz (North Branch, MI)
  15. Mickey Carman, Jr. (Climax, MI)
  16. Carl Ries (Blanchard, MI)
  17. Milt Montgomery (Palo, MI)
  18. Mark Andersen (Blanchard, MI)
  19. Scott Haney (Sheridan, MI)
  20. Tim Lytle (Saranac, MI)

Heat 1

  1. Scott Baker (Ionia, MI)
  2. Roger Wing (Middleton, MI)
  3. Tom Dusen (Muskegon, MI)
  4. Keith Gentz (Grant, MI)
  5. Matt Pickard (Grant, MI)
  6. Milt Montgomery (Palo, MI)
  7. Kathy Jarvis (PC, UT)
  8. Carl Ries (Blanchard, MI)
  9. Scott Philips (Marlette, MI)
  10. Tim Lytle (Saranac, MI)

Heat 2

  1. Scott Haney (Sheridan, MI)
  2. Jeff Kohn (Sheridan, MI)
  3. Justin McNeill (Houghton Lake, MI)
  4. Mickey Carman, Jr. (Climax, MI)
  5. Joshua Knoll (Barryton, Mi)
  6. Kyle Borgman (Muskegon, MI) 7.
  7. Kim Watz (North Branch, MI)
  8. Mark Andersen (Blanchard, MI)
  9. Kurt Mesman (Wyoming, MI)
  10. James Neff (Mt. Pleasant, MI)