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Thank YOU for a GREAT '14 Season! - New Rules are Posted!  

You can find new Pro Stock and Street Stock rules in PDF form at the links. We will have them spelled out for those not owning or using a computer shortly under the normal rules links. You can find the text version of the new rules here. Each division now has the latest updates available. Click on the "TRACK DATA" tab and select your division. 

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Thank you for a great 2014 season at Crystal Motor Speedway. Seasons come and seasons go and 2014 was one of the memorable ones. Promoter Ron Flinn would like to thank all the fans, drivers, crew members, and sponsors for making this season worthwhile. The next 'event' is the awards banquet, held on January 10th, 2015. Watch this website or call the office at 989.235.5200 for further information. More info and photos iside!

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For those that intend to have minors entering the pits, here is the minor release form to have pre-filled out. PLEASE NOTE! "Legal" people say you need to do one of two things. Fill it out and have it notarized or fill it out but don't sign it until you are at the track so track officials can countersign it. Other forms will be posted here shortly.


June 18, 2011

Greg Wiles staked out the early lead in the Engine Pro IMCA Modifieds with Jerry Hunt not too far back. Jason Borton was in the top five but had mechanical problems and left the battle field. Hunt slipped under Wiles and took the lead and a lap later, Mike Shanteau lost it in turn one, bunching the group again. Hunt led the group once the green fell with Wiles and Chad Wernette right behind him.

Wiles slipped momentarily, allowing AJ Ward and Dan Minikey to move up. Wernette took the lead from Hunt and began to slowly pull away and went on to win over Ward, Hunt, Wiles and Nate Jones. B Main wins went to Brody Bowser and Jones while Aaron Raby, Myron DeYoung, and Jim Hale Jr went home with heat gold.

Current Points Standings (Top 20)

               Pos Car No Driver Points

  1. 111 Josh Borton 219
  2. 20W A.J. Ward 217
  3. 615 Chad Wernette 204
  4. 54M Chad Maurer 201
  5. 42 Dan Minikey Jr. 198
  6. 8 Jerry Hunt 194
  7. 776 Rusty Zeigler 181
  8. 11 Mike Shanteau 169
  9. 76 Greg Wiles 166
  10. K9 Chad Precord 165
  11. 112 Jason Borton 164
  12. 79 Nate Jones 159
  13. 24 Clifford Denman 149
  14. 78 Brody Bowser 148
  15. 21 Glen Moon 137
  16. 10W Dan Wiggins, Sr. 132
  17. 90V Robert Hutson 124
  18. 27S Matt Szecsodi 122
  19. 88 Ken Haddix 113
  20. 04 Aaron Raby 110
  21. 14JR Mike Linhart 110

Tonights Results

A Feature 

  1. Chad Wernette (Sheridan, MI) 
  2. A.J. Ward (Ionia, MI) 
  3. Jerry Hunt (, MI)
  4.  Greg Wiles (Middleton, MI) 
  5. Nate Jones (Elwell, MI) 
  6. Dan Minikey Jr. (Fenwick, MI) 
  7. Josh Borton (Crystal, MI) 
  8. Jimmy Hale, Jr. (Crystal, MI) 
  9. Chad Maurer (Eaton Rapids, MI) 
  10. Chad Precord (Greenville, MI) 
  11. Mike Shanteau (Weidman, MI) 
  12. Robert Hutson (Edmore, MI) 
  13. Dan Wiggins, Sr. (Fenwick, MI) 
  14. Rusty Zeigler (Ovid, MI) 
  15. Matt Szecsodi (Clio, MI) 
  16. Ken Haddix (Edmore, MI) 
  17. Brody Bowser (Stanton, MI) 
  18. Aaron Raby (Riverdale, MI) 
  19. Jason Borton (Vestaburg, MI)

B Feature 

  1. Brody Bowser (Stanton, MI) 
  2. Aaron Raby (Riverdale, MI) 
  3. Jimmy Hale, Jr. (Crystal, MI) 
  4. Robert Hutson (Edmore, MI) 
  5. Glen Moon (Fenwick, MI) 
  6. Brad Stanke (Shepherd, MI) 
  7. Mike Linhart (Merrill, MI) 
  8. Tanner Pray

B Feature

  1. Nate Jones (Elwell, MI) 
  2. Matt Szecsodi (Clio, MI) 
  3. Ken Haddix (Edmore, MI) 
  4. Dan Wiggins, Sr. (Fenwick, MI) 
  5. Armond Holley (Mt. Morris, MI) 
  6. Michael Griffith (Perrinton, MI) 
  7. Myron DeYoung (Crystal, MI)

Heat 1

  1. Aaron Raby (Riverdale, MI) 
  2. Nate Jones (Elwell, MI) 
  3. Chad Wernette (Sheridan, MI) 
  4. Chad Precord (Greenville, MI) 
  5. Armond Holley (Mt. Morris, MI) 
  6. Rusty Zeigler (Ovid, MI) 
  7. Josh Borton (Crystal, MI) 
  8. Mike Linhart (Merrill, MI)

Heat 2

  1. Myron DeYoung (Crystal, MI) 
  2. Greg Wiles (Middleton, MI) 
  3. Dan Minikey Jr. (Fenwick, MI) 
  4. Robert Hutson (Edmore, MI) 
  5. Matt Szecsodi (Clio, MI) 
  6. A.J. Ward (Ionia, MI) 
  7. Jason Borton (Vestaburg, MI) 
  8. Glen Moon (Fenwick, MI)
  9. Michael Griffith (Perrinton, MI)

Heat 3

  1. Jimmy Hale, Jr. (Crystal, MI) 
  2. Brody Bowser (Stanton, MI) 
  3. Jerry Hunt (, MI) 
  4. Chad Maurer (Eaton Rapids, MI) 
  5. Brad Stanke (Shepherd, MI) 
  6. Mike Shanteau (Weidman, MI)
  7.  Ken Haddix (Edmore, MI) 
  8. Dan Wiggins, Sr. (Fenwick, MI) 
  9. Tanner Pray