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If you've been watching the forecasts, it could rain or it may not. IF it rains and events are called, the points races are done and drivers finish where they were as of the last race. This has happened a few times in the past ten years and this is how it has always happened. Let's hope for sunshine!

This week at Crystal Motor Speedway is a full night of racing of all six divisions and is the championship night for five of our six divisions. Pit gates open at 4 PM and the grandstand gates open at 5 PM. Racing begins about 7:30PM. Adult admission to the grandstands is $12 and kids 5-11 are $5. Pit passes are $25.  Further information can be obtained by calling the track office at 989.235.5200 or emailing me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There is an updated version of the "General Rules" available in a pdf format HERE. I'll try to get it on a page of its own shortly. A printable page of the CMS schedule can be found here:   

Pit gates open at 4 PM and the grandstand gates open at 5 PM. Racing begins about 7:30PM. Adult admission to the grandstands is $12 and kids 5-11 are $5. Pit passes are $25. Further information can be obtained by calling the track office at 989.235.5200

In case you wanted to watch the replay of the race, GO HERE.  You can use our exclusive DVR function to jump to any point of the race by clicking on the line directly below the video.

If you own or drive at CMS and haven't joined the Engine Pro 'Pay Dirt' program linked below, you may be losing money each week. These are from the nights of July 3rd and 5th.



All you need to do is buy a single product of each category... use it, sell it, whatever... and you can win. The complete rules are linked below. If you win consistently, you are probably giving away hundreds of dollars.

Unfortunately, front gate admission prices will rise to $12 on 'regular nights' and $15 on 'special nights.' Kids will remain at $5. A season grandstand pass can be obtained for $220. Pit passes remain at $25. In probably the best deal of the year, a family pass for two adults and two kids is only $25! Drivers and their cars must be checked no later than 5:45PM. Due to the tight time schedule, you may only 'call in - check in' once a month.

Get the latest versions of the revised versions of the the Pro Truck rules, Street Stock rules, and the Pro Stock rules.

As announced at the banquet, there is a new rule for the Pro Trucks:

OPTIONAL TRANSMISSION RULE Bert type transmissions will be allowed. If a Bert type transmission is used, you must add an additional 50 lbs on each side in front of the engine plate. Weight may be adjusted for competitive quality. NO BALL SPLINE TRANSMISSIONS WILL BE PERMITTED.

If you can't make it to the track, you can use our exclusive DVR option to see all of the LIVE action or see the replay immediately after the race by visiting this page and then using the slider bar to jump around by visiting this LINK

Special thanks to our long time partners,Engine Pro and ARP for their continued support in bringing you live coverage of the race night events. If you haven't filled out your "Pay Dirt" application from Engine Pro, now is a good time to do so! CLICK HERE for info!

For those that intend to have minors entering the pits, here is the minor release form to have pre-filled out. PLEASE NOTE! "Legal" people say you need to do one of two things. Fill it out and have it notarized or fill it out but don't sign it until you are at the track so track officials can countersign it. Other forms will be posted here shortly.


VanderMark Jr Over Alexander For Feature

Mark VanderMark, Street Stocks Feature Winner, July 19, 2014
Mark Vand …
July 19, 2014 - Mike Vandermark, Jr. fought off a tenacious. Ryan Alexander to win the Street Stock division feature over Jasen Wiley, Derek Crandall, Dennis Parker, Alex Richards, Joel Field, Doug McKeown, Sr., Scott Haney, and Troy Goodrich. 


Field and Wiley posed for heat win photos. 

July 5 Results

Dennis Park - Street Stock Feature Winner, July 5, 2014
Dennis Pa …
 Dennis Parker got out front early in the Street Stock feature and then spent virtually every second he held that lead fighting to keep it. Jasen Wiley and Derek Crandall finished second and third but they were no more than a few feet behind the eventual winner most of the event. Kyle Prochazka was fourth, followed by Ryan Alexander, Mike Vandermark, Jr., Kevin Rohn, Doug McKeown, Sr., Eric Lake, and Alex Richards.
Alexander and Dave Hofmann, Jr. took heat wins

June 21 Results

Dennis Parker, Street Stock - Feature Winner, June 21, 2014
Dennis Pa …
The first fight of the night was the Street Stock event with Dennis Parker staking out the early lead and by lap six, he was lapping some of the slower cars. Mike VanderMark Jr, moved forward to claim second with Mark Bohannon, Kyle Prochazka and Joel Field making up the top five.
A caution bunched the field and VanderMark used it to begin to harass the leader. With the top two racing each other, Prochazka also began to make his way into a position to challenge for the lead. VanderMark pulled under the leader under the white and almost into the lead but Parker held on to lead from green to checker over VanderMark, Prochazka, Bohannon, Field, Troy Goodrich, Doug McKeown, Sr., Alex Richards,
Ryan Lewis, and Christina Haney. Field and Parker went home
with heat gold.

June 7 Results

Mike VanderMark Jr, Street Stock,  Feature Winner, June 7, 2014
Mike Vand …
The Street Stock division had some early excitement with several cars taking a slide in the apex of turns three and four with all but one car able to continue. Kevin Rohn staked himself to the lead with Ricky Smith, Joel Field, Mike VanderMark, and Jasen Wiley making up the top five. Rohn continued to lead but VanderMark Dennis Parker, and Kyle Prochazka moved to the bumper of the leader. The leaders went three wide several times but never touched.
Wiley took advantage of the leaders running side by side and moved to second in one of the exchanges. Rohn got loose coming into the first turn and went spinning. Field was unable to avoid and collected Rohn with a hard hit. Emergency personnel checked him out but the veteran driver was able to get out of his car on his own.
Back under green, VanderMark was the new leader with Wiley and Prochazka the top three. With just a couple laps left, Wiley began to challenge for the lead but VanderMark held on for the win. Wiley settled for second, followed by Prochazka, Chad Raby, Doug McKeown, Sr., Troy Goodrich, Ricky Smith Sr., Alex Richards, Field, and Rohn.
Heats were claimed by Kevin Rohn and Dennis Parker. 

May 25 Results

Jay Chlebek - Street Stocks Feature Winner, May 25 2014
Jay Chleb …
In the Street Stock division, it was Jay Chlebek making a strong run to win over Kyle Prochazka, Mike VanderMark, Jr., Doug McKeown, Sr., Derek Crandall, Alex Richards,  Kevin Rohn, Joel Field, Doug Helsel, and Kyle Thomas. Crandall and Prochazka grabbed heat gold.


June 14 Results

Jay Cheblek - Street Stock, Feature Winner, June 14, 2014
Jay Chebl …
The Street Stock division saw Kevin Rohn and Dennis Parker battle for the lead with Rohn leading the first laps. Joel Field, Doug McKeown, and Kyle Prochazka made up the top five. Parker began to challenge for the lead but got loose as he tried to pull under Rohn in turn one and went spinning. Rohn pulled out front with McKeown tight behind him with Prochazka, Mike VanderMark, and Jay Chlebek.
Chlebek got a huge run and went flying to the front with Prochazka following. Rohn went spinning in the turn four entrance, bringing out the caution.
Chlebek, Prochazka, VanderMark, Derek Crandall, and McKeown took the green with only three to go with Chlebek holding to a tight but solid lead. Another caution with two remaining saw Chlebek once again grabbing that top spot and he held on to win over Prochazka, VanderMark, Crandall, Parker, Field,  
McKeown, Alex Richards, Alex Richards Sr., and Christina Haney. Chlebek and Rohn took heat gold.

May 31 Results

Kyle Prochazka, Street Stock Feature Winner, May 31, 2014
Kyle Proc …
The Street Stock opening laps saw Kevin Rohn battling for the lead with Shane Spencer but losing his left front tire but the veteran racer continued to race with just three tires. Spencer got loose and crested over the turn one and two banking. Back to green flag racing saw Derek Crandall, Kyle Prochazka, Joel Field, Rohn, and Doug McKeown  making up the top five. McKeown clipped the front stretch wall and dropped back. With one to go, Prochazka took the lead and went on to win over Crandall, Field, Dennis Parker, Rohn, Alex Richards, Ricky Smith Sr., Troy Goodrich, Mike VanderMark, Jr., and Jeff Dygert.  
Crandall and Prochazka took preliminary heat wins.

May 24 Results

Mike VanderMark Jr - Street Stocks Feature Winner, May 24, 2014
Mike Vand …
In the Saturday night version of the weekend, Mike VanderMark Jr brought home the gold in the Street Stocks over Doug McKeown, Sr., Chad Raby, Jay Chlebek, Derek Crandall, Joel Field, Kyle Thomas, Troy Goodrich, Ron Ogden, and Dennis Parker. Raby and Parker took heats.

Late Models Points Leaders

1. Scott Baker - 472
2. M Pickard - 448
3. J Borton (R) - 438
4. D Huizenga - 385
5. R VanderVeen - 378


Pro Stock Points Leaders

1. Josh Loomis - 546
2. Don Rohn - 502
2. J. Playter - 502
4. R. Brillhart - 501
5. B Hollenbeck - 485

IMCA Mods Points Leaders

1. A.J. Ward - 597
2. M DeYoung - 566
3  C Wernette - 541
4. J DeYoung Jr - 531
5. Jimmy Hale Jr - 490

Street Stock Points Leaders

1   K Prochazka - 594
2. M VanderMark - 581
3. D McKeown Sr - 551
4. D Crandall - 510
5. Christina Haney - 471

Pro Truck Points Leaders

1. Nate Jones - 603
2. Curtis Rice - 584
3. P Grosnickle (R) - 570
4. R Paradise - 541
5. J McKeown - 512

Flinn Stock Points Leaders

  • 1. Nathan Sage - 520
    2. R Carlson - 512
    3. T Runions (R) - 480
    4. C. Everingham - 456
    5. Justin Stahl - 384