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It's Season Championship Time!

This week at Crystal Motor Speedway is championship night for five of the six regular divisions. The AllStar Performance IMCA Modifieds continue after the Labor Day weekend to the season finale September 19th and 20th. If weather should intervene on the 29th, the points races are considered final. Pit gates open at 4:30 PM and grandstand gates open at 5PM. Adults are $12 and kids 5-11 are $5. Pit passes are $25. Further information can be obtained by calling the track office at 989.235.5200


Finally! Here is the PDF form of the 2015 Great Lakes Nationals. See the summary below.

    Flinn Stocks
Pos            Driver                Car #            Points
1            Gabe Gesselman            29LE            575
2            Kevin Rohn, Jr.            72,23            575
3            Allen Roszell            18R,72            551
4            Derrick Stahl            X            522
5            James Snyder            11N,67            373
6            Taylor Runions            67R            351
7            Travis McGill            66            321
8            Kasondra Johnson            18M            313
9            Spencer Simon            99            312
10            Rusty Sowles            63            263
11            Chris Strouse            17C            242
12            Justin Stahl            7J,11J            183
13            Shellbie Shank            42            164
14            Brent Leadford            69L            146
15            Brian Hammond            29            134
16            Chuck Shaw            169S            102
17            Jeff Cooper            74            101
18            Nick Davenport            522            97
19            Josh Pulsipher            17            96
20            Matt Stadt            522            90

    Late Models
Pos            Driver                Car #            Points
1            Scott Baker            13            593
2            Zack Olger            0X            537
3            Josh Borton            111            496
4            Amanda Wing            55W            470
5            Jesse Playter            41            449
6            Ryan Kent            52K            441
7            Joshua Knoll            87K            439
8            Kyle Borgman            72            429
9            Tom Dusen            10            422
10            Garrett Wiles            16            415
11            Dean Huizenga            9            406
12            Carl Ries            11C            361
13            Doug Baird            6B            358
14            Ryan VanderVeen            23V            347
15            Logan Love            73L            329
16            Rachel Carpenter            11            328
17            Blaine Hendrick            610            280
18            Brad Mann            7M            259
19            Kevin Reeve            117            252
20            Scot Church            26            243

Pos            Driver                Car #            Points
1            John DeYoung, Jr.            70            552
2            Chad Wernette            615            528
3            Myron DeYoung            7D            527
4            Gary VanderMark            10            516
5            Mitchell Hunt            38            476
6            Austin Wonch            98            476
7            A.J. Ward            20W            468
8            Joe Fowler            19F            438
9            Cory Ruesink            48            433
10            Jimmy Hale, Jr.            77X,77            433
11            Vern Buskirk            B76            413
12            Rusty Zeigler            776            404
13            Brenten DeYoung            71            384
14            Chance Hoppes            99            322
15            Brady Hollenbeck            93H            314
16            Kenny Playter            42P,74            307
17            Dan Wiggins II            11W            292
18            Robert Putt            87            281
19            Ken Zeigler            776K            275
20            Kody Johnson            19JR            268

    Pro Stocks
Pos            Driver                Car #            Points
1            Mike Vandermark, Jr.            26            539
2            Nate Jones            14            528
3            Josh Loomis            11            522
4            Rob Brillhart            77B            493
5            Jake Headley            25            476
6            Nick Stormzand            97            468
7            Chad Raby            94            463
8            Don Rohn            65            456
9            Jaycee Baker            07            415
10            Blake Hollenbeck            44H            399
11            Jeramie Raby            80            373
12            Ryan Teeter            9T            354
13            John Taylor            72            281
14            Derek Crandall            09C            236
15            Rodney Heikkila            3H            175
16            Derek Schestag            17D            174
17            Nick Rohloff            74,7            150
18            Bryan Craigmyle            6C            141
19            Derrick Dennis            7DD            130
20            Mike Husted            45            129

    Pro Trucks
Pos            Driver                Car #            Points
1            Andrew Fidler            51            598
2            Curtis Rice            92            586
3            Dave Peters            55            578
4            Mickey Currier            01            562
5            Paul Grosnickle            28            558
6            Jim Emmons            88            496
7            Blake Doolittle            7D            473
8            Tim Wood            40            456
9            Shane Spencer            99            349
10            Bree Brasington            10            324
11            Don Proctor III            7            297
12            Don Proctor, Jr.            71            250
13            Ryan Paradise            06            211
14            Ashlee Scott            7S            183
15            James McKeown            57            166
16            Kevin Rohn            63            159
17            Drew Wilkerson            78            142
18            Laurie Mortensen            17            131
19            Chad May            16            124
20            Taylor Wiles            4            104

    Street Stocks
Pos            Driver                Car #            Points
1            James Prochazka            06            604
2            Will Stanley            02,08            569
3            Doug McKeown, Sr.            33            537
4            Cody Broersma            44            516
5            Christina Haney            16            482
6            Ron Harper            68            423
7            David Pellerito            64            404
8            Travis Carman            1C            336
9            Terry Roberts, Jr.            23            295
10            Joel Field            F5            283
11            Austin Wiley            73            265
12            Dennis Parker, Jr.            94P            261
13            Jay Chlebek            59X            253
14            Melvin Allen            6            244
15            Ryan Alexander            1            244
16            Paul Denny            32            221
17            Tony Vinton            32T            221
18            Bobby Reed            25X            192
19            Trever Monk            47            161
20            Brandon Cunningham    14A,25          130

We will be live streaming the races August 29th  starting about 7:25 or so and you can watch on your pc HERE while I-Pad users can watch HERE The other link for I-pads or I-pods is here

You can join our "R Word" list by sending an email or TEXTING to this email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  If you are on the list and your email has changed, drop me a note!


Announcing the 2015 version of the Great Lakes Nationals, September 19th and 20th, presented by Engine Pro!  On Saturday, September 19th, the pit gates open at 1PM and the grandstands open at 4PM. Hot laps will start at 4PM with heat races beginning at 6PM. The Michigan Traditional Sprints will run their entire event on Saturday. On Sunday September 20th, the pit gate opens at 12noon while the grandstand gates open at 1pm. There will be no hot laps on Sunday. Racing starts at 3PM Sunday.


Admission is as follows: An adult two day pass is $25  while a  Saturday only pass is $15 and Sunday only is $20. A children's (5-11) two day pass is $12. A Saturday only pass for kids is $6 while a Sunday only kids pass is $10.

Pit passes bought in advance of September 12th for a two day pass is $40 with a one day pass at $25. Pit passes bought after September 12th are $50 for a two day entry while a one day pass is $35.


As always, plenty of primitive camping is available at no cost. Please register for a campsite and register any 'recreational vehicles' you may bring along at the office.

WESTHOLD TRANSPONDERS ARE MANDATORY (We use channel 139) and rentals will be available at the pit booth also for $50 for the weekend. (Transponders are not required for 4 cylinder cars) ALL CARS MUST RACE SATURDAY TO BE ABLE TO RACE ON SUNDAY. NO CAR WILL BE ALLOWED TO SHOW UP SUNDAY AND RACE.


GENERAL RULES FOR ALL CLASSES: All safety rules apply. Window nets, approved seat belts, helmets, gloves, firesuit,

neck collar and fire extinguisher required. MUFFLERS ARE MANDATORY - 100DB Max. 


IMCA MODIFIED RULES: 1 Day License $30 - No fuel stops - 50 Lap Feature


LATE MODELS: Michigan Late Models rules, American Racers and Hoosier 40 Tires.


PRO STOCK, PRO TRUCK AND ST. STOCK: Usual POST season rules - 3,000 lbs., 8” wheel, 8” spoilers. Must be legal

at your track...bring your track rules. American Racers P245 Tires ONLY. May use headers and four barrel carbs. Aluminum heads allowed (you must add 30 lbs on each side in front of bell housing)


See the PDF flyer HERE or call the track office at 989.235.5200 or visit the website at



You can join our "R Word" list by sending an email or TEXTING to this email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  If you are on the list and your email has changed, drop me a note!


We will be live streaming the races August 8th  starting about 7:25 or so and you can watch on your pc HERE while I-Pad users can watch HERE The other link for I-pads or I-pods is here




News You Need! - A)The Michigan Traditional Sprints will return to CMS on August 15th after being rained out last week. B) Pursuant to tightening State and local laws, campers need to register to camp at the track. At this time, there is no fee but you must register. Both the grandstand ticket booth and the pit booths have the forms. C) All four wheelers, golf carts and or other forms of camp ground 'transportation' must be registered and have some type of identifying sign or number on them. Ask at one of the booths for more information!  

The track has plenty of primitive camping available.  More information can be obtained by calling the track office at 989.235.5200. The 2015 SCHEDULE IS HERE.

Our "R Word" list has topped out at over 1800 people so far. It has come to my attention that some of you did not get an email notification of the last couple rain offs despite asking to be added. A bit of research is showing me that I may have too many people on the list (over 1800 now) and Google decides who gets emails and who doesn't. To this end, I am breaking up the old list and making a second list to augment the first. If you did not get an email after signing up, please send me a new request and I'll add your name to the new list to make sure you get notified. Thanks. Let's get get the 'lost' home again! You can join our "R Word" list by sending an email or TEXTING to this email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  If you are on the list and your email has changed, drop me a note!
There was a modification to the rules concerning transponders. While it was changed in the rules, I failed to post here it here. This rule was modified April 21st, 2015. It says: "18. Transponders must be mounted on the right side and the back of rear axle and in an orange transponder pouch. If your transponder falls off you may not be scored and you will be responsible for replacing the transponder.Any racer caught trying to modify or deliberately changing location of transponder will be disqualified."  Check with your tech inspector if you have questions.
The 2015 rules packages are here: LATE MODEL, IMCA, PRO STOCK, STREET STOCK, and the GENERAL CMS RULES. The 2015 SCHEDULE IS HERE.

You can reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as you have been able to reach me since this site started back in 1993. I have or can get you the honest answer far more often than you can get it on FaceBook. You may find this hard to believe but not everything you read on FB is true.

For those that intend to have minors entering the pits, here is the minor release form to have pre-filled out. PLEASE NOTE! "Legal" people say you need to do one of two things. Fill it out and have it notarized or fill it out but don't sign it until you are at the track so track officials can countersign it. Other forms will be posted here shortly.



Fidler Takes Win On Caution Re-Start

Andrew Fidler PT 6.27.15
Andrew Fi …
 June 27, 2015 - Dave Peters jumped out to a huge lead in the Engine Pro Pro Truck division feature with Paul Grosnickle riding in his tracks. Andrew Fidler and Curtis Rice, and Drew Wilkerson began to challenge for second. Fidler moved into second and was reeling in the leader when a truck spun in turn two, putting Peters back out front.
The restart found Peters and Fidler in a side by side duel for three laps before Fidler made his way clear and took the lead with seven to go. No one was able to pull in the high flying Fidler as he went on to win over Peters, Jim Emmons, Tim Wood, Grosnickle, Blake Doolittle, Wilkerson, Rice, Shane Spencer, and Bree Brasington.
Peters claimed the heat race.

Currer Takes Win After Hitting Wall

Mickey Currier PT 6.20.15
Mickey Cu …
 June 20, 2015 - The Engine Pro Pro Truck division was the final event of the night that saw Jim Emmons take the lead over Dave Peters. Andrew Fidler began to make his move for the lead but got crossed up, went low on the track and then swung hard into the turn one wall.
When the green flew again, it was Smokey Grosnickle at the point, followed by Emmons, Peters, and Mickey Currier. With five to go, Currier began to press Grosnickle and they tangled, sending the leader across the track where he ended up slapping the wall.  Grosnickle was deemed the caution car, giving the lead to Currier and eventually the win. Peters came home second, followed by Rohn, Tim Woods, Emmons, Kevin Rohn, Don Proctor, Jr., Grosnickle, Bree Brasington, Fidler, and Curtis
Wood and Fidler grabbed heats.

Currier, Rice, Fidler

 June 13, 2015 - The Engine Pro Pro Truck division went twenty laps green to check and in the end, it came down to Mickey Currier using a slower truck to take his first win of the season away from Andrew Fidler. The two had run side by side for most of the last third of the race. Bree Brasington ran a strong third, followed by Curtis Rice, Paul Grosnickle, Tim Wood, Dave Peters, Jim Emmons, Don Proctor, Jr., and Don Proctor III. 
Rice and Fidler took heat events.

Fidler Sweeps Pro Trucks

Andrew Fidler PT 5.23.15
Andrew Fi …
May 23, 2015 - The Engine Pro Pro Truck feature went to Andrew Fidler after a tough battle with Curtis Rice. Mickey Currier went home third, followed by Don Proctor, Jr., James McKeown, Jim Emmons,, Laurie Mortensen, Blake Doolittle, Bree Brasington, and Shane Spencer.
Emmons and Fidler garnered heat gold.

Fidler Starts Streak

Andrew Fidler Pro Truck 5.2.15
Andrew Fi …
 May 2, 2015 - Kevin Rohn lead the majority of the Engine Pro Pro Truck event but experienced a handling issue allowing a hard charging Andrew Fidler to pass him for the lead and the win. Curtis Rice grabbed a third place finish, followed by Tim Wood, Shane Spencer, Paul Grosnickle, Dave Peters, Jim Emmons, Laurie Mortensen, and James McKeown.
Heats wins were collected by Wood and Mickey Currier.

Rice Over Fidler and Proctor

Curtis Rice PT 6.615
Curtis Ri …
The Engine Pro Pro Truck feature got rolling with Ryan Paradise in the lead but a four truck log jam at the front developed, causing a caution. Paradiselead Smokey Grosnickle and Andrew Fidler at the green but coming out of turn two, Grosnickle took the lead. Fidler took the lead but Curtis Rice moved up and began to chase down Fidler and overtook him with four to go.
Rice held on to win over Fidler, Don Proctor, Jr., Grosnickle, Dave Peters, Mickey Currier, Paradise, Don Proctor III, Jim Emmons, and Bree Brasington.
Grosnickle and Rice scored heat  gold.

Rice Proves "Rubbin Is Racin !"

Curtis Rice PT CMS 5.16.15
Curtis Ri …
 May 2, 2015 - Tim Wood got out to an early lead in the Engine Pro Pro Truck division with Curtis Rice not far back. With laps winding down, Rice began to pressure Wood and the two got together coming down the back stretch and came down to the checker with Rice winning by a nose. 
Wood grabbed second, followed by Paul Grosnickle,  Dave Peters, Shane Spencer, Laurie Mortensen, Blake Doolittle, Mickey Currier, Andrew Fidler, and Ryan Paradise.
Fidler and Grosnickle copped heat wins.

Fidler Over Wood

Andrew Fidler PT 4.26.15
Andrew Fi …
 April 25, 2015 - Andrew Fidler and Tim Wood put on  a good show early before Fidler finally pulled away to win the Engine Pro Pro Truck event. Wood bested Paul Grosnickle for second with Bree Brasington, Dave Peters, James McKeown, Curtis Rice, Mickey Currier, Brad Emelander and Blake Doolittle finishing up the top ten.
Currier and Rice brought home heat gold.